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Simple, customisable job management solution for all.

S22 Release Notes

Release Date Aug 2018 Version Invoice & Quotes New Bizzow invoice/quote module allows you to design the format you would like, to get your custom branded invoice feel. Like everything else Bizzow, get the buzz in your invoices/quotes by customising them! WorkFlows Deactivating and Deleting warnings. Notification to users regarding the hierarchy and interdependence of…
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Integrate elements on different platforms into Bizzow The Integration of Bizzow & Zapier Has Made Your Work Easier Through the integration of Zapier and Bizzow, your work life, with now be made much easier. By implementing this new platform, we have been able to connect data from external programs and software. Bizzow is now as…
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Training – Data Filters Data Filters In this training video we will be looking at how to create a data filters and the ways we can use these to help filter data that is important to use. Watch the video to learn how easy it is to setup and use your own forms. Top reasons for using data…
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S21 Release Notes

Release Date June 2018 Version Web Save & copy jobs is an simple way to copy the details from one job to the next job. Press the save & copy button at the bottom of the job or scheduler screen, then add the next job. The fields of will contain the data from the prior…
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Mobile Forms Mobile Forms In this training video we will be looking at how to create a mobile form and adjusting the setting to have the form appear on the mobile device when the user changes the job status to start.  This video will cover adding fields to a an event driven Job form and ad…
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Sending SMS messages with Bizzow workflows Sending SMS messages with Bizzow workflows Bizzow workflows are customisable! They provide the user with a simple way to create an automated response. This example video steps you through creating a workflow to remind the job assignee, via SMS, that their next job starts in 5 minutes. Top reasons our users use SMS’s Client reminders…
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Flexible Jobs Fields Flexiable Job Fields The Bizzow flexible mobile job fields provide you with another layer of customisation. You select the user defined fields you would like your mobile users to see and the order in which they see them. Top reasons our users use FlexiableJob fields Capture your own data Additional job states Data validation…
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Job Note Categories Sorting your Job notes into categoties The Bizzow job note descriptions provide a super simple way to add a level of categorisation and filtering to your job notes. Top reasons our users use Job note categories Sorting and filtering Internal / External note visibility Job card inclusions/exclusions Privacy

Data Importer – video needed

Data importer The Data importer is the super, simple way, to enter data into Bizzow in bulk.

Mobile Navigation – video needed

Mobile Navigation The mobile Map function enables the App to connect to Google Maps, offering the mobile user turn by turn directions to their next job!