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Simple, customisable job management solution for all.

Mobile Navigation – video needed

Mobile Navigation The mobile Map function enables the App to connect to Google Maps, offering the mobile user turn by turn directions to their next job!

Address Assistant – Video Needed

Address Assistant The Bizzow Address Assistant, aids with the quick and accurate entry of addresses into Bizzow.

Exporter – video needed

views Exporting Your Data It is just so easy to drop your data out to excel!  For those who want to manipulate their data beyond the filters, here is a super quick video to step you through it. A quick way to add an extra dimension to your Bizzow data. PLEASE NOTE:  Don’t forget to…
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Custom Fields Custom Fields Did you know that our Bizzow users love the additional fields fields in clients, jobs and contacts?  These can be added to collect additional informaiton that you like to store, that is specific to your business needs.  It might be payment terms for example.  Need Help setting this up?  Please see the…
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Simple Job Scheduling – Video Needed

Simple Job Scheduling – video needed Have you tried adding a job or task, directly from the scheduler?  For businesses that do this as one function – it is super simple!  Please watched the attached video to step you through the process.  This is just another way we help to make your business buzz! If…
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Basic Rostering

Basic Rostering – video needed Do you need some help to set up a Pico Roster?  Are you unsure about how a Pico Roster might be useful in your business? Please find our video attached to assist you with your setup and give you some scenarios on how it can be used. If you have…
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Security & Roles Security and Roles There is nothing worse than finding out someone deleted data, because they did not understand the significance of it and once it is gone it is all too late. One really smart move, is to implement security and roles. This ensures that the right staff have the right access to the…
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Training – Sorting and Filtering

Sorting and Filtering The sorting and filtering in each menu are a fan favourite when it comes to Bizzow features. This enables you to quickly find that needle in the haystack.

S18 Release Notes

Release Date March 2018 Version Dashboard Our new dashboard plugin in now available in the market.  This is designed to provide the user with an overview of job data, happening in your business today. This provides a variety of data matrix in one consolidated space. Over time, the dashboard widget options will be increased. Job…
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Sending Emails Sending an email Bizzow workflows are customisable! They provide the user with a simple way to create an automated response. This video steps you through creating a workflow to notify the client when a job has been booked for them and who will be coming to undertake that job. Top reasons our users use…
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