S17 Release Notes

Simple, customisable job management solution for all.

S17 Release Notes

Release Date 

Feb 2018

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In the job module a new purple tick box icon is in the upper right.  By selecting this a pop up screen will appear allowing you to select which job fields will display on the mobile device and in what order.  To select a field to appear, slide the bar into the on position.  To change the order, simply drag and drop the listed items. 


The new apps will display the fields, as selected by the web interface.  Open the job and press the little black arrow ta da!

NOTE: You will need to install the new apps, that with the honeycomb pattern, to see the latest changes.     

Job note categories

Bizzow jobs may have job notes attached, either by a web based user or a mobile user.  Some of these notes might be written for internal use only and some maybe intended to be reported back to the client.  Some notes might even be private.  Bizzow note categories provides the user with the option of creating job note labels and applying these to your job notes.  This will allow for job note filtering in the future

Add contacts and clients from your jobs

What a times saving.  When adding a job in the jobs module have you ever started to type the name of the client and released you must go back and enter them in clients first?  Now, Bizzow will offer the user the option of adding the client and the contact while entering the job.  What a time saving


We have a fancy new looking Market place.  Keep your eyes on the Bizzow market to see what new modules have become available and what they can do to make your business buzz.   Subscribe here for any of the new modules you would like to add to your Bizzow ecosystem. 

Hidden custom fields

A new tick box option is now available when adding a custom field. Hiding a field gives the admin user greater flexibility in automated processes without user interaction. Any field type may be used as a hidden field and one example of this is to keep track of validators within a workflows process. For example, you may want to use a checkbox to mark when a client has already been sent an email and prevent further communications to that client.

Not all features are available on all pricing plans.  If this is a feature you would like access to please contact our customer care team to find out more.