Establishing A Better Workflow

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Establishing A Better Workflow

Workflow, by definition, is a sequence of processes

Workflow, by definition, is a sequence or processes, that a piece of work passes from initiation to completion.  An example of workflow that most of us are familiar with, is receiving an automated “Out of Office” response to an email.  Businesses employ many workflows, whether they do so consciously or not. These practices assist with things like quality control, efficiency and cashflow – think Six Sigma!   

A simple example might be, that when a job is completed an invoice is created and sent to the client for payment. As a business grows and evolves, workflows need to be reviewed and refined to fit with these changes. For example, when technology is upgraded or there is an increase in the number of team members. Workflows are never static!

When a management team has established workflow that works best for their team, the next step is compliance. How do you get a team to follow these steps every single time?! In part, this is training, reinforcement and having a staff review focused on compliance.

As a manager, non-compliance can be very time consuming and a cause for strained workplace relationships. Compliance is easier when the team understand the value of their compliance. For example, completing a vehicle inspection prior to a job, versus the vehicle breaking down on the way to a job.

Another way to support workflow compliance, is to select software solutions such as Bizzow in your business that have customisable workflows. This will assist team members in following the business’ preferred steps, without questioning an alternative. This is particularly good for new team members who may be unfamiliar with your practices.

It ensures that your best practice methods are always adhered to and that your results are consistent and reliable.