Five Awesome Things About Dashboards

Simple, customisable job management solution for all.

Five Awesome Things About Dashboards

An exceptional dashboard will have key elements

  • Real Time
  • Customizable
  • Ability to run Big Screen for teams
  • Early warning notifications

Here is our list of the five coolest things about having a dashboard;

It’s A One Stop Shop

By having a dashboard, it gives businesses or users a general overview. Whether you’re a business, wanting to see information about your jobs and business or an individual who wants to quickly see your daily stats; dashboards are a simple way to see all your information in one easy-to-read place.

You Can Better Manage Your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Through the use of a quick and clear dashboard, you can track your progress easily. By using a dashboard, you can see how your employees are going, and your employees can better manage their own KPIs as well – rather than needing to wait until the end of the month to see how they’ve performed!

Real Time Information
There are few things worse than not being able to give your clients or staff the information they need when they ask for it. We expect to have data accessible and for that data to have integrity. Dashboards are dynamic and display data in real time, thus providing users with real-time information. This ensures instant facts and figures can be provided to those who need it, when they need it and it be accurate!

It’s Visual
Visual processing is what our brains were made for. Through the use of shapes and colours, a visual dashboard allows users to tune into a different part of our brain and breaks us away from the rest of our work. It assists with our memory, we can absorb the information quicker and our brains actually prefer the simplicity of it!

You can modify it to suit your needs.
With drag and drop modifications and choosing the information you need, it means you’re not wasting time (or space!) sifting through irrelevant information. It is flexible and customizable. You can clearly see what you need without additional navigation!

A powerful dashboard, will have a mix of all these things. it will be dynamic and update data in real time. It will be flexible in enabling the user to see the matrix which are important to them in a view that best suits their needs.

Smart businesses increasingly rely on dashboard to get a quick and current summary of how their business is performing. – it saves pulling up a number of various reports and comparing data manually.

Great software solutions, such as Bizzow, have dashboards to assist the user in giving accurate data analysis at the touch of a button.

If you want to get an awesome idea of Dashboards and what they look like, you can do so HERE. Alternatively, get in touch with us and we can tell you how our Bizzow Dashboard can assist you and your business!