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Integrate elements on different platforms into Bizzow

The Integration of Bizzow & Zapier Has Made Your Work Easier

Through the integration of Zapier and Bizzow, your work life, with now be made much easier. By implementing this new platform, we have been able to connect data from external programs and software. Bizzow is now as easy as a Zap!

What Is Zapier?

Zapier is the easiest method to connect Bizzow with thousands of the world’s most popular web services. 

Through Zapier, you create a Zap.  A Zap is a trigger which causes an action.  For example when I get a new Gmail, it creates a new contact is Bizzow.    New Line Integration with Zappier enables you to automate just about anything!

Increased Productivity, You Say?

Through the use of a Zap in Zapier, you have the capability to have any event in your Bizzow account signal a sequence of updates and actions across your web based tools, or visa versa This automates your business systems immediately increasing your productivity.  You’ll be able to set up processes that exceed your expectations.

Try Your First Zap Now With Bizzow

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Some Examples of Zaps

Followers on Twitter become Bizzow contacts

New Jobs in Bizzow creates emails in Gmail.

Likes in Facebook become Bizzow contacts

Appointments in Google Calendar create jobs in Bizzow

Clients in Bizzow become customers in Xero