S18 Release Notes

Simple, customisable job management solution for all.

S18 Release Notes

Release Date

March 2018

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Our new dashboard plugin in now available in the market.  This is designed to provide the user with an overview of job data, happening in your business today. This provides a variety of data matrix in one consolidated space. Over time, the dashboard widget options will be increased.

Job Cards

Bizzow’s super flexible job card is now available from the jobs grid screen. The new Export Job Card icon is on the right next to the Save Filter button. Save up to 15 job card formats that you would like, simply complete the fields at the top and tick the options required, then drag the fields you require from left to right, in the order you require them. Once your job card templates are saved, highlight the jobs you would like to generate job cards for and then press the download button next to the template output you require.

Click on My Account and your account specific account name. A new item called Images has been added. Click on images to save any header or footer image you would like for your job card here.


Not all features are available on all pricing plans.  If this is a feature you would like access to please contact our customer care team to find out more.