S21 Release Notes

Simple, customisable job management solution for all.

S21 Release Notes

Release Date 

June 2018

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Save & copy jobs is an simple way to copy the details from one job to the next job. Press the save & copy button at the bottom of the job or scheduler screen, then add the next job. The fields of will contain the data from the prior job. What a timesaver!

Job Card Sharing

Sharing a job card template is an easy way to keep your job output consistent between your users. Tick the share box on a job card to make it available to any other user with the required permissions.

Notification Hub

Be kept up to date with the notification hub! Set up your notifications in the workflow module, to get a note when a job is completed, or a form is submitted or an import is done.


A new option of forms has been added. Three actions may be selected from the form trigger – the automatic approval of a form, receiving a notification via the notification hub or advising a client.


Ad Hoc forms give the mobile user the flexibility to select the form to complete, relevant to the circumstance. This has limitless possibilities.

Date Filters

On your jobs screen grid, the schedule date column of data, now has some specific date filtering options. 

TIP save your frequently used date selections in your filter favorites for easy recall.  

Not all features are available on all pricing plans.  If this is a feature you would like access to please contact our customer care team to find out more.